Keys & Remotes


Many vehicles made in the last 5-10 years use a transponder key.  The small chip contained in the shell of the key has to be in place in order for the car to turn over.  When the car doesn’t turn over, many people return to  the dealer where they will be not only charged for an additional key but a towing service as well.

We can program and cut a new key for just about any car that’s out on the road and do it for significantly less than what the dealer would charge.  And if you just need a key cut and programmed we can do that to.


Remote programming

Many cars come standard with a factory keyless entry system. These remotes are sometimes lost or broken and need replacing. We offer OEM replacement remotes and also provide programming to your vehicle if you have already purchased a remote.

We can also generate new rolling code remotes from scratch using Keyless Rides K2 Forge system.  Whats unique about this auto remote system is that we can program 2 different vehicles on 1 remote.



Replacement batties for remotes.